Science Fair

NOTE: Students in grades 3, 5 and 7 participate in Science Fair at TEC.


Step 1: What is Science Fair?


What is a Science Fair Project? What is NOT a Science Fair Project?
  1. A unique project that aims to test a specific hypothesis and draw a conclusion based on that hypothesis.
  2. A study that has a focused question, and a design to answer that question.
  3. An experiment, innovation or study designed by the researcher with a specific goal in mind.
  4. A chance to explore science from one's own perspective and examine topics of individual interest.
  5. Students behaving as scientists and examining their skills with the scientific method.
  1. The repetition of an experiment or study that is found online or in text.
  2. A research paper with a presentation.
  3. An assignment that can be successfully completed on one weekend.
  4. An explanation of how something works, if it is already known how it works,
  5. An instruction manual for a piece of technology or scientific principle.

Step 2: Know the Guidelines for your Grade Level

Science Fair is divided into divisions. The two main divisions that affect TEC are the Elementary (3-6) and Junior (Grades 7-8) divisions. Click on the links to review the guidelines for these two divisions.

Step 3: Choose a Project

Students should be aware of all of the different areas and methods of research available to them before starting their research. A good project is one that is focused on a very specific topic using specific methods of research.

There are 3 main Project Types and, within these three types, 7 main Project Categories.

Familiarize yourself with the Safety and Ethical Guidelines for projects.

Still not sure where to start? Check out these Helpful Websites, though it is always better to start with a question of your own, you may find an idea here!

Step 4: Organize your Project using the Scientific Method    

Please visit the TEC page explaining the Scientific Method.

Step 5: Compare your Project to the Judging Criteria

There is different criteria for each section. The two main sections that affect TEC are the Elementary (3-6) and Grades 7-12.