School Communication Plan

Tamarac Education Centre works to build and maintain strong communications with the home of each student. Please do not hesitate to contact the school at (902) 625-6650 (find below a suggested guide).

A monthly newsletter is issued on the first day of each month to the youngest child in each family.  If important information must get home between newsletters, memos are sent to the parents/guardians affected. Curriculum Night is usually scheduled for early September.

As enhanced communication tools, the school has a website, Facebook account and Twitter account. We will also be launching an Alert Communication system through PowerSchool.


Facebook: Tamarac Education Centre

Twitter: @TEC_6650

P-8 report cards are issued three (3) times during the school year: in November, March and the end of June. Following each reporting period, all parents are invited to attend the scheduled parent/teacher conferences.

Parents/Guardians are asked to check with their child’s teacher(s) for their personal communication plans. Teachers will send home Communication Plans by the end of the second week of school.

Parents should feel free to contact teachers regarding the progress of their children.  Arrangements can be made to meet with teachers between major reporting periods for an update on progress or to discuss concerns that might arise.  Appointments can be made by phoning the school (625-6650) during office hours. 

To facilitate making such appointments, please use the following as a guide of whom to contact:

Type of Request
Please contact...
Teacher Appointments Individual Teacher
Subject Teacher Subject Teacher
Academic Report Guidance/Administration
Behaviour/Department Administration (Principal, Vice-Principal)
Special Requests Administration
General Inquiries School Secretary

Parents are asked to first report to the office upon arrival and the secretaries will get the teacher to meet you in the office. 

If you require clarification to any aspect of the communication plan, please contact the school at the number listed.

Please consult the following documents below for futher information on our Concern Protocol.

Click on link to view document (Adobe Acrobat is required)

III-A-4 Parent-Guardian Concern Protocol

III-A-4 Parent-Guardian Concern Protocol Procedures