Outdoor Play

At TEC we believe students should play outside whenever possible. It is well known that many children today spend less time playing outdoors than in any previous generation. Research shows that children between ages 2-5 years now spend more than 32 hours a week on average in front of a TV screen (Nielson Company Report) and school aged children spend 7.5 hours/ per day on electronic media (Keiser Family Foundation Report, 2010).

There are many benefits to outdoor play.
  • children become fitter and leaner
  • outdoor play burns energy
  • builds stronger immune systems
  • is the best way to get Vitamin D
  • helps to establish life-long patterns of healthy physical exercise
  • provides balance between play and routine
  • stimulates creativity
  • prevents obesity
  • lowers stress levels
  • increases concentration at school


  • decreases temper tantrums, anger, ADD symptoms and depression


Children should be prepared to play outside, particularly during the winter months.
  • students who wish to play on the field or slide down the hill MUST be wearing snow plants, jackets and boots; no outdoor winter wear = no field or sliding
  • students are only permitted to slide down the hill when wearing proper clothing AND when there is an adult at the top and bottom of the hill; controlling the flow of traffic
  • when there are strips and/or patches of ice present, students must not play on the ice; go around if possible
  • throwing snow, ice or gravel is never permitted