Electronic Devices

Cell phones /Telephones/ Electronic Devices

The office telephones are for business use. 

A telephone, for approved student use, is available at the office.  Students are expected to ensure that calls are not of a social nature, to complete their calls promptly so that other students do not have to wait.

Students who have cell phones are to turn them off or mute them and are not to be visible or heard at any time during instructional times, without the approval of the classroom teacher. Grade 7/8 students may use their cell phones at recess and lunch in the office or guidance area. 

Anyone who misuses a cell phone will:

1st. Have it held by the teacher for the day,

2nd. Need to have parent pick it up at the school,

3rd. Turn in the device at the office each morning for the day.

MP3's / Gameboys, iPods, PS2s etc. are not to be used in school.

Parents are asked not call or text children during instructional time. In case of emergency, please call the office at 625-6650.